John Daly says he is owed $150,000 from a fellow golfer after winning a bet by reaching his 50th birthday today.

According to the two-time major winner, golfer Fuzzy Zoeller made the bet that he wouldn't reach 50 a number of years ago at the Masters tournament. However he admits they didn't shake on it.

"Fuzzy's going to owe me 150 grand," Daly told USA TODAY Sports. "I don't know if he remembers that bet or not, but I'll get that cash from him hopefully."

Daly has struggled with alcohol through his golfing career and has previously admitted to smoking 40 cigarettes and drinking 10-12 cans of Diet Coke per day.


"I think it was Tuesday morning and we played nine holes and went to T-Bonz (restaurant) and had some lunch," Daly said.

"Next thing I know, we were in the same clothes playing Wednesday at 7:30 in the morning and the par-3 tournament. We stayed through the whole nine (holes), drinking, having a good time and eating.

"Fuzzy said, 'I got 150 grand you're never going to make it to 50.'"

But because they didn't make if official with a handshake, Daly, who won 10 times on the PGA Tour, admits he may not get the cash.

"I'll just have him give me a free bottle of his vodka," Daly said. "That's about it."

Turning 50 also makes Daly eligible for the PGA Tour Champions - or the senior tour.