Claudio Ranieri struggled to hold in his emotion after being shown a short video of the Leicester City fans thanking him for inspiring this season's fairytale.

The Foxes are just one win away from clinching a historic Premier League title and the supporters are keen to show the Italian their gratitude.

Ranieri, at first, was nervous about being shown the clip but was soon smiling as the people of the city expressed their love for the charismatic manager.

He said: 'No, no, I don't have an idea about that... No! I don't want to know... no, no, no! I do hope it is a good thing.'


The video was filmed all over the city, with fans of all ages taking the time to send a message to Ranieri and thank him for everything he's done.

'Hello Claudio, I'm Vicky from Leicester Market and we've met before, we did have a selfie and I just want to say how fabulous you are and what you've done for the city is amazing, we all love you.'

'I would literally hug you if you were here because for this city, what you've created, the family, the essence of the stadium, it's fantastic. Follow your hometown and believe. Leicester is a true testament that if you believe in your dreams, who knows where the fairytale takes you.'

'We'd like to thank you very much for everything you've done for Leicester City Football Club since you came and we're all very proud and rooting for you and hope you manage to do it.'

'Claudio, you've done amazing things for this club and we need you here in Leicester, you have to stay here.'

'We've never seen anything like this before, it's incredible and thank you for everything you've done so far.'

Following the video, Ranieri was clearly touched by the messages of support and looked emotional when speaking to the camera.

He said: 'Thank you, thank you so much, wonderful. I make this job because I am very, very happy when all the other fans are happy. All my sacrifice is this and I love this. I'm pleased you have given me this.'

Leicester could make history on Sunday if they go to Old Trafford and beat Manchester United.

With their Champions League place all secured, just three points will be enough to see the Premier League trophy welcomed at the King Power Stadium.