Steven Adams' famous moustache has landed him a partnership with American skincare, cleaning and body product firm Handmade La Conner.

The firm will release a limited edition 'Steven Adams' gentlemen's moustache styling wax.

There will only be 500 tins of the wax released, each tin individually numbered from one to 500.

The wax is listed on Handmade La Conner's website for US$16 (NZ$23), and each tin weighs 56 grams.


The Oklahoma City Thunder big man shared news of the partnership on Saturday (NZ time) to his 71,000 Twitter followers.

The product description on the website reads "As you may know, professional basketball player Steven Adams has a pretty sweet moustache, and turns out he uses our moustache wax to style it."

"Steven told us his favorite scent was Oakmoss + Whiskey (mine too!) so we put a little twist on it and added a bit of rosewood essential oil to the mix.

"To apply this mustache wax, we recommend using a blow dryer to heat the wax up, work quickly, and use a blow dryer to set the wax. It is extra firm, for detailed mustache styling, just like Steven's."

Adams and Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Enes Kanter have become known as the 'Stache Brothers'.

During an interview with GQ magazine last month, Adams revealed his grooming secrets and admitted he has previously been mistaken for Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo.

Adams, 22, told GQ "At the start of this season, I grew out my facial hair because I actually could. I guess I went through puberty so now that's a thing".

"I also have a moustache comb, and I shampoo and condition my moustache as well ... [I use] hand-crafted moustache wax. It's scented as well with sandalwood and rosemary. It smells awesome.

"Last summer when I was in Croatia everyone kept coming up to me and asking me for photos because they thought I was the guy from Game of Thrones. It kind of bummed me out a little bit actually because I thought for a minute they had Thunder fans in Croatia.