Kiwi UFC legend Mark Hunt has plans to bring UFC to New Zealand before his new six-fight deal runs out.

"It's a six-fight deal and it takes me out to the end of my career at the top end," Hunt told One News.

"I want to fight in New Zealand, Japan and Australia and then probably retire."

Hunt grew up in South Auckland, and shared an insight into his horrific upbringing in his biography Born to Fight.


In it he describes the nightmare of life inside the Hunt household, which included his sister being sexually abused until she moved out at the age of 18.

"Dad would beat us for any little thing, and with any implement. Fists, feet, broom handles, sticks, electrical wires, the hose that went from the washing machine to the tap."

Read an excerpt from the book here.

The fighter is fresh from his knockout victory over Frank Mir at UFC Brisbane, and will be 45 at the end of his six-fight deal.

He hopes to secure the UFC heavyweight title, and Hunt's six fights will take place over the next two years.

The Kiwi dubbed the Super Samoan is ranked in the top seven heavyweight fighters, and has called out Brazilian Junior dos Santos for a rematch in an attempt to climb the rankings.

"That's all I'm interested in doing - fighting for the world title," Hunt told One News. "Six fights gives me enough time to do it.