The Golden State Warriors are just five games away from making NBA history.

Currently sitting at a win-loss record of 68-8, the Warriors must win all but one of their last six games if they are to beat the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' all-time record of 72-10 in a single season.

And with a shock loss to the Boston Celtics on Saturday (AEDT), that task became just that little bit more difficult.

Not since that same Bulls team took their 1996-97 season to a 69-13 finish has a team come so close to bettering that single-season record.


It is no doubt then, that the reigning NBA champions are among the top few teams to have graced the league in the last two decades.

However, former NBA All-Star and six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen still thinks the Warriors would be no match for his 1995-96 classic Bulls team.

Speaking with Paul Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show, Pippen said if the two teams were to do battle in their respective primes, his side would come out victorious with four straight wins in a seven-game series.

Pippen said the Bulls wouldn't "take one night off" and let the Warriors get a single win in the series. It would be over in straight sets.

And what of Golden State's seemingly unstoppable Splash Brothers combination of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson?

Pippen said he and teammate Michael Jordan would well and truly have them covered.
"I'd probably put Michael on Klay... I mean I think that my size and length would help.
"If I can keep him (Curry) under 20 (points), I think I'm doing good. I think I could."

If you compare the two sides on paper, statistically there isn't much between them.
The Bulls held a field goal success rate of 47.8 per cent, while Golden State's is currently just higher at 48.6 per cent.

Largely thanks to the work of Steph Curry, his side's three-point percentage is also just over a point higher at 41.6 per cent.

However the Bulls defence, which topped the league in 1995-96 would be a step above the Warriors current fifth-ranked defensive structure.

On average, Chicago let in just 92.9 points per game, while the Warriors are conceding 104.1 in buckets each game.

Regardless, it would be one hell of a series, but unfortunately the result will forever remain a point of contention. Maybe once they finally perfect time travel we will be able to put this contest to bed.