The days of scrambling to find the latest school sports draw or calling overworked sports co-ordinators to find out whether Johnny or Jenny's latest event is still on are over.

College Sport, in conjunction with Mike Jones and The Sporting Agency, have introduced the College Sport app, free to download.

College Sport chief executive Dave Currie sees this as a game-changer for disseminating information to stakeholders, who are students, parents, teachers, coaches and sports co-ordinators.

"Mike approached us last year. It was always a high priority for me how we were going to engage with parents, students and schools," says Currie.


"When we launched this, sports co-ordinators thought this was the greatest thing since sliced bread. They are extraordinarily over-worked. One of the key drivers for us was how to make their lives easier. Already we've had some really good feedback from sports departments."

Westlake Girls' High School, among many others, have already picked up the app and run with it, actively using it and promoting it via their school website.

Currie is keen to spread the word further. Most of the draws are already on the app and there is plenty of other information.

"We just want it to be a font of all really good knowledge. We're not going to commercialise it," says Currie. "People don't quite understand the extent and breadth of what's happening in College Sport. Let's share the good stuff."

College Sport is also working on beefing up a social media presence, along with their website, which will draw in everything that mentions College Sport. It is a nod to the changing times and how teenagers absorb information.

"We held the [Auckland schools] swim meet two weeks ago. There was a gas leak at West Wave, so it was postponed. Everybody we rang said "No, it's fine, we got it on the app!"

• The College Sport Auckland app for your mobile phone can easily be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone, Android and Windows.

The app will also be able to carry the Herald's College Sport stories from term two.