David Boon carved a spot in sporting folklore by - as legend goes - downing 52 cans of beer on the flight from Australia to England for the 1989 Ashes series.

It's a record that's unlikely to be broken in today's age of professional sport but it has been put into perspective by some equally legendary drinking tales coming from America.

First there was baseballer Wade Boggs, who is said to have sunk anywhere from 64 to 107 beers in one session depending on who tells the story.

And now we have the NFL's version of Boonie's mark - set by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety John Lynch at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.


In keeping with the Honolulu setting, Lynch's drink of choice was a Mai Tai cocktail, rather than an amber ale.

While it makes the accuracy of his mark slightly more debatable - because of variables like exactly how much rum was poured in each glass, how much ice was used and other important factors of that nature - his total is no less impressive.

Fox Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer revealed Lynch sunk 34 Mai Tais - or 17 doubles - during one amazing session.

"John Lynch, the whitest dude on the planet, wears Brooks Brothers (clothing) - 17 doubles," Glazer told the Bill Simmons Podcast.

"He's the best too because when you get drinks in him, all of a sudden he gets very patriotic. No matter where you are, you could be at a black tie event, he will start singing God Bless America and if you don't sing along with him he'll start calling you out.

"He's a very impressive human being, a very accomplished human being."

Glazer knows of Lynch's mark because he attempted to break it himself one year. Joined by former NFL players Ronde and Tiki Barber and Steve Hutchinson, Glazer settled in for a session at his hotel at 9am in attempt to reach the mark.

Former Giants running back Tiki Barber reportedly tapped out after just three hours. Glazer and Hutchinson were dragged away by their wives around 5pm, but Ronde Barber - who was a teammate of Lynch's with the Bucs - had a proper crack.

He had made it to 30 Mai Tais by the time he gave up around 1am the following morning, just four drinks short of Lynch's record.

As for Glazer, his night got even more interesting. He ended up getting in an argument with Peyton Manning after hearing him say something personal about his close friend Michael Strahan.

"(Peyton) was actually saying something about Strahan and, you guys know, he's my best friend. You can say something about me and I don't really care, but if you say something about my friend, I'm gonna get you," Glazer told ESPN in 2014.

"And he started saying something, and I started saying coming back at him, and the funniest thing was I had (UFC fighter) Chuck Liddell there with me.

"This was before anybody really knew who Chuck was, and he was coming out, he was hanging out with me and we were all just kind of lit up. And Peyton and I kinda got after it, I kinda got into him and his friend stepped up for him.

"So now all of a sudden it's two-on-one. Well my friend stepped in for me, but my friend is Chuck Liddell. So Chuck comes in there and all of sudden Peyton's friend (steps back) and goes back over here."

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Pro Bowl.