The Warriors have started the season 0-3 and have lost their last 11 games going back to July last year. In today's episode of the Vent, Tony asks Eric Young is coach Andrew McFadden going to last?

Andrew McFadden's future


I know Watson came out and said we're going to stand by him, a massive call, three games in...where are you at?

Eric: I wonder whether on Sunday night Eric Watson kind of wishing he hadn't said that earlier in the week. He's the thing you need to understand about the Warriors, if you didn't already understand it and most Warriors fans do know this, they haven't won since July last year. That's nine months. Nine months without a victory in an NRL competition is unacceptable.


I think the coach is under enormous pressure. At the moment if the run a book on who is going to be the next coach to be sacked, Andrew McFadden is so far away the favourite it's not funny.

Tony: I said to Eric Watson, do you and will you support him regardless of what happens and he he has to say that.

Eric: No owner can just systematically endorse every person on his roster, every person that he's paying for just because results have to come into it or else what have you got?

Shaun Johnson's form


This is nothing against Shaun Johnson as a person or a competitor, he takes these loses as hard as anyone at the moment, I know been out at the Warriors yesterday, it is fair to raise some concerns. With the field goal not setting up. He is the playmaker, he's on massive money at the moment, he can do some incredible things on the rugby league field but he's not at the moment.

Eric: No he's not and you know why? That's what nine months of not winning does. You lose confidence. Winning, as any coach will tell you, is a habit. And they are just so out of the habit it's not funny.