Oscar award-winning actor Russell Crowe made a poignant tribute to his late cousin Martin by visiting the club where he developed into New Zealand's greatest batsman.

The Hollywood star joined other members of the Crowe family at Cornwall Cricket Club yesterday, where they picnicked next to a bench memorialising Martin's father Dave Crowe, also a first-class cricketer.

Russell, who on Friday was a pallbearer at Martin Crowe's funeral, stopped for a picture with members of the club, and also visited the club rooms where he bought ice cream.

"I was just sitting here walking past and I went, 'jeez, that's Russell Crowe'. So I went and told the boys in the kitchen but they didn't believe me at first," said club member Matt Dowling.


"He came round and said 'G'day, how are you mate?' He bought five Trumpets and a Fruju. I didn't want to interrupt him, get his autograph or anything because he was doing his thing with his family. But nice bloke, really nice."

A photo posted to Twitter this afternoon shows Russell, dressed in black shorts and singlet, with members of the Cornwall Park Cricket Club.

Martin, who was farewelled at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell yesterday, was a member of the club before going on to become New Zealand's greatest test batsman.

Cricketer Maddy Green, who posted the photo, commented: "Perks of finishing our game early. Stoked to meet Russell Crowe down at @cornwall-cricket club today #12thman #niceguy."

Earlier today, Russell tweeted a photo of Rangitoto.

"Ah....Rangitoto my old friend...ever present , Kia kaha," the actor wrote.

The Crowe family has a strong connection to Cornwall Park Cricket Club, which is nestled in a picturesque setting beneath One Tree Hill.

Martin's father Dave Crowe, a former first-class batsman for Canterbury and Wellington in the mid-1950s, first visited the club as an opposing club player.

He later became involved in the club, working with the junior boys section. He was its first secretary-manager and club president from 1995-99.

When he died, his ashes were scattered at the park.

Jeff Crowe, the first of the two brothers to captain New Zealand, was a member of the club before heading to Australia.

Martin was next, becoming a Cornwall man after leaving Auckland Grammar.

The club paid its respects to Martin yesterday with a gathering at the clubrooms after his funeral.

Former Black Caps gathered at the Windsor Castle pub, down the road from the Parnell cathedral, after yesterday's funeral.

Pub owner Helen Wrightson said Martin Snedden, Ian Smith, Mark Greatbatch, Jeff Crowe, Andrew Jones, John Wright and Richard Hadlee were among the Kiwi cricketers who came together to celebrate Martin's life.

Former Australia captain Greg Chappell also had a drink in Crowe's honour.

"It was really nice - people were happy to have that space to be in, to reminisce.
Everyone seemed in really good spirits," she said.

"The mood was really light-spirited and everyone who was here appeared to be having a good time, reminiscing with their old team mates."

Ms Wrightson did not see Russell Crowe at the function.

"I doubt he was here, because I know there was a family function elsewhere."