David Klemmer's infamous Good Friday spray has come back to haunt him, with the Canterbury prop facing a two-week ban for more contrary conduct against NRL referees.

Klemmer was on Friday pinged with a grade one charge by the match review committee after making contact with whistleblower Ben Cummins in Thursday's 18-16 win over Penrith.

The 55th-minute incident appeared innocuous, Klemmer placing his hand on the shoulder of Cummins, who had blown a penalty against Bulldogs prop Tim Browne.

Klemmer stopped an advancing Cummins in an attempt divert his attention to teammate Josh Reynolds, who took a legal hit to the back in the lead-up and was crumpled in back-play.


It was enough to again land the NSW State of Origin front-rower in trouble with the match review committee, who only slapped him with a grade one charge.

However a poor track record could be his undoing.

He has one prior similar offence - his blow up at Gerard Sutton in last year's Good Friday clash with Souths which drew a three-game ban - and it attracts a 50 per cent loading, while two non-similar offences also garner an extra 20 per cent.

He also has 40 carry over points.

A grade one contrary conduct charge draws a base penalty of 125 points, meaning unless Klemmer fights the charge, his total 277 points will incur a two-week suspension.

Even an early guilty plea will total 218 points.

While the Panthers match was Klemmer's first NRL outing for the season, it wasn't the first time he's been in trouble with the match review committee this year.

The 22-year-old was hit with a grade two dangerous contact charge after torpedoing into Melbourne's Kenny Bromwich in a trial in February.

He later successfully downgraded the charge at the judiciary and was forced to miss just one match.