Most people have never tried to charge their phone in a microwave but Cronulla Sharks NRL player Fa'amanu Brown is not most people.

Twenty-one-year-old Brown tried to improvise when he noticed his battery had run low and with no phone charger in sight, tried a trick that he had seen on Facebook.

The five-eighth was at teammate Valentine Holmes' house and said that the two NRL players were fighting for control of the one available charger.

'Our phones were both about to die and because it was Val's charger he got to use it,' Brown told Daily Mail Australia.


So after watching a Facebook video that he said looked "legit" and had no "glitches" Brown tried to test it out.

"I only put it [the phone] in the microwave for one second and it caught fire, I couldn't believe it, I was devastated," Brown said.

After taking the phone out of the microwave Brown looked to see the extent of the damage.

"It stank of smoke but I thought that nothing would have happened seeing as it was in for such a short space of time," Brown said.

It didn't have the effect that Brown, who hails from New Zealand, was looking for.

"Na it didn't charge, it still worked but it didn't have any service," said Brown.

The incident had Brown's teammate Valentine Holmes in stitches.

"Yeah Val lost it, he couldn't believe I actually did it, it's such a fob thing to do," said Brown.

The next morning Brown took the phone to his nearest Apple store and was pleased when they gave him a new phone.

"Na, I didn't tell them I put it in the microwave, I just showed them that it had no service," he said.

The incident is sure to make Brown the subject of some extra attention from teammates and Brown says he will be sticking to using a conventional phone charger from now on.