We're a great little sporting nation, but it can go pear shaped on the big night as the Breakers found out in the ANBL final against Perth. Here's a few other examples.

Chris Lewis v John McEnroe - 1983 Wimbledon tennis final

Lewis, the world No. 91, left his best stuff in an epic five-set semifinal against Kevin Curren. Either that, or McEnroe was in another league...and probably the latter. McEnroe destroyed Lewis, 6 - 2, 6 - 2, 6 - 2. The Aucklander's progression into the final is still remembered fondly. Losing to the magician McEnroe was no disgrace, but it was a massive let down. Lewis made history though, as the first man to play in a Grand Slam final using an over-sized racquet.

David Tua v Lennox Lewis - 2000 world heavyweight boxing championship

As if the Las Vegas showdown and the prospect of a Kiwi world heavyweight champ wasn't enough, the Tuaman told Lewis "I'm going to punch out your lights". Get the street parades ready....unfortunately, the scorecards told a very different story. And Tua was so bad that many felt the judges were actually generous. The stocky Tua couldn't get near the giant Lewis, who reckoned sparring partners gave him more problems. The punch count was 300 - 110. Tua's flower-pot haircut left more of an impression than his punching. Lewis said: "If you come to war, you have to bring your whole arsenal, not just a left hook and a haircut."

New Zealand v Australia - 2015 cricket World Cup final

Brendon McCullum's side took the country on a magical unbeaten ride on home soil, but they were trampled into the MCG turf by the brilliant Aussies. McCullum lost the plot and his wicket in the first over and New Zealand collapsed to 183. Australia cruised to victory in 34 overs. "New Zealand's national bird is a Kiwi, but maybe it should be a duck," crowed an Aussie writer, after four Kiwi batsmen failed to score.


Chiefs v Bulls - 2009 Super Rugby final

Ouch and double ouch. The 61-17 scoreline tells the story. The game was over by the end of the first quarter before a 52,000 crowd in Johannesburg. The Chiefs were given little chance of victory, but few predicted they would be this bad.

Warriors v Manly - 2011 NRL grand final

The 24 - 10 scoreline wasn't a blowout, but Manly built up an unassailable 16 point lead in the second half and the Warriors' rearguard action was a token gesture by the highest grand final standards. By the Warriors' usual standards, the season was a roaring success...but unfortunately that isn't saying much.