Alex Jones, the Birmingham City striker who became the latest victim of a New Zealand Football stuff up, says he was "gutted" at having to quit the Phoenix.

The 21-year-old told the Birmingham Mail that heading to Wellington had been a huge decision in the first place. He spent a couple of weeks in New Zealand waiting for the paperwork to be completed expecting to have a six month stint in the A-league. But NZF missed the FIFA deadline.

Jones said: "The guy was meant to pick me up for training, I was in reception and he said 'I need to have a word with you, it's not good news'," Jones said.

"I was thinking 'What could possibly be wrong. I have signed everything, I am here - on the other side of the world'. And he said 'You haven't been registered in time with FIFA'.


"I just presumed I would miss one or two games and then he explained we had to appeal it but the chances were very unlikely.

"When I was initially told I was gutted. I was going out there to play football for six months. That's all anyone my age wants to do - go and play games.

"These things happen in football, you can't dwell on them, it's not going to do anything for anyone it would only put me back. I have just got to get over it quickly and move on."

Jones scored the late winner against the Coventry City under-21's this week.