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Here are the answers to some of sport's burning questions

Is 12th man the easiest job in sport?
- Lisa T

It looks like it but imagine getting this cruisy gig and then cocking up a catch that could've turned a game. I reckon batting like Tim Southee is the easiest job in sport.

How many more years until umpires are replaced completely?
- Timmy


It's only a matter of time. This is the Pandora's box we agreed to open when technology was introduced in sport to 'clear up' any doubts. Lines and paint will have nano-technology which detects a no-ball or if it's out of bounds. But who will be the scapegoat on Radio Sport the next day? Can't keep bagging the players if they lose, can we?

Can you rank the Australian cricket players in likability?
- Jackson, Ellerslie

Great question, Jackson, and one I've thought long and hard about, so here goes:
1. Usman Khawaja
2. Adam Voges
3. Daylight
4. The rest of them
5. Brad Haddin (yes, even though he's retired from the team)

Hate is a strong word but which teams do we as New Zealand fans hate the most: Aussie cricket, Aussie rugby or England rugby? Am I missing one?
- Christian, Henderson

I think we 'hate' the Aussie cricket team because they're always beating us in tests and that shapes out perception of them. They do carry on a bit overseas against other nations so we're not alone in disliking them collectively. I'm pretty sure if the Wallabies and England regularly beat us at rugby, we'd hate them too, and we need villains in sport. The Kangaroos can be immensely dislikable as well.

I don't think I'm ready for a Richie-less rugby season. He needs a job in rugby, but what? Maybe he could ride one of those horses before a Crusaders home game.
- James T, Christchurch

That is very Canterbury and Crusaders-like. I'd prefer him to land his helicopter on the pitch with the game ball before their first match. Each home game, he could fly something different as he rapidly upskills, from a glider to an Air New Zealand 777-200 swooping low.

Can we starting lobbying for Lydia Ko to enter the men's New Zealand Open field? She'd have a good chance, looking at the names she'd be up against.
- Tim, Hamilton

If she was off the women's tee, she'd give some of them a run for their money but Michelle Wie tried it, and it was a failure.

With the Kings and Sunwolves looking potential easy-beats, will a Super Rugby side crack 100 points in a game this season?
- David, Wellington

The bonus point situation will be weird and I think no team really wants to embarrass a new entrant these days. Getting a bonus point for scoring three tries more than your opponents will mean 100 points won't be a target but a slight possibility. Here are the Sunwolves' games that could pose a problem for scoreboard attendants: the Cheetahs host them on the veldt on April 16, with that game the weekend after playing the Stormers in Cape Town. They've got the Reds in Brisbane on May 21 and the Brumbies in Canberra a week later. And they limp into Durban for their final game of the season against the Sharks on July 16. Luckily for them, they don't play any New Zealand teams this year.