Ever wondered what it feels like to fall the equivalent of the height of a four storey building and live to tell the tale?

Hawaiian surfer Tom Dosland knows the feeling after he took this horrifying wipeout from the top of Maui's famous Jaws break yesterday.

Hawaii is seeing record swells thanks to the El Nino weather phenomenon, and surfers are flocking to the chain of islands to test their skill against the mammoth waves.

But many are coming unstuck too and Dosland was lucky enough to escape unscathed from his dramatic fall.


Yesterday's huge swell was the biggest of the year so far in Hawaii with the largest sets as high as 15 metres at Jaws in Maui - even the occasional 18 metre wave found its way through.

Dosland was among dozens of surfers who took to the waters to brave the swell so large that pro surfer Jamie O'Brien admitted to being incredibly scared in the water.

El Nino has been causing extreme weather patterns recently, with the Pacific suffering huge storms.

But it is a welcome phenomenon by surfers in Hawaii who are relishing some of the biggest waves to hit Hawaii since 2001.