Mitchell McClenaghan has posted an updated photo of his eye injury received in yesterday's one-day international win over Pakistan.

The fast bowler has had to be driven by his mother back to his Auckland home, unable to fly.

McClenaghan made 31 off 18 balls before retiring hurt at the end of the New Zealand innings. He suffered the blow to his left eye from the penultimate ball of the innings from Anwar Ali.

Trent Boult, the batsman who replaced McClenaghan for the final delivery, said the injury brought home the impact of short-pitched bowling, especially in the wake of Australian test cricketer Phil Hughes' death from a blow to the base of the skull in November 2014.


"It's tragic what has happened over the last wee while," Boult said. "It churns your stomach and is hard to talk about, but we've got to move on.

"Short pitched bowling is something I fear, but with the technology that goes into supposedly indestructible helmets, they've come a lot way.

"Every step is taken to make sure we're safe. Unfortunately one snuck through and got him good.

"Mitch was wearing an older helmet I believe, I think that's down to his personal preference. It's never nice seeing one of your teammates on the ground, it is a scary part of the game, but has been going on for years.

"With new helmets that supposedly can't happen. The visor gap between the grille and the lid is supposed to be smaller."

And the long drive home begins... ??#roadtorecovery #cantfly #mumandsistotherescue #naturalcarshade

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McClenaghan left the field after the ball lodged between his grille and face.

A spokesman for New Zealand Cricket said: "There's a slight fracture above his left eye and he will have some minor cosmetic surgery on Friday in Auckland. He won't play before that."

McClenaghan tweeted after the match: "Thanks for all the concerns. Everything is as good as it can be just a few broken bones. Great win for the boys!"