A radical overhaul of rugby's bonus points system is set to be announced this week.

South Africa's SuperSport says the four-try bonus point will be scrapped in this year's 18-team Super Rugby competition. Teams will now get the bonus by scoring at least three more tries than their opposition.

The system, which is used in the French Top 14, gives teams more to play for in lopsided contests. It forces teams who have scored a bonus point to ensure opponents don't close the gap to two tries. conversely, the team trailing in try scoring can rob their opponents of the bonus point by closing the gap to two.

The full effects will become clear during the competition but it might also force teams to have second thoughts about sending on a stream of substitutes late in certain games.


The report says SANZAR will also introduce a limited trial where the referees' microphones are linked to stadium sound systems, so spectators are kept informed about why decisions have been made.

SuperSport said the announcement would be made out of Australia in the next day.
The competition kicks off in late February.