Is the hell of dealing with match-fixing allegations over for Chris Cairns?

News Lalit Modi will not take a $3.3 million claim against the former New Zealand cricketer means he is free to move on with his life.

When he was acquitted, Cairns spoke outside Southwark Crown Court in London. He said: "Reputationally, I'm completely scorched, burnt, but it hasn't stopped me and it won't stop me.

"It's been hell for five or so years."


He was asked "what are your plans now, in terms of career?"

"I don't have one," Cairns replied. His solicitor Colin Nott chimed in: "Onwards and upwards, simple, simple." He added later: "In real terms he's of totally good character, he's been acquitted."

Cairns was also asked about the prospect of a civil suit. "I'll think about Mr Modi next week," he said. Now it looks like he won't have to deal with Modi at all.

So where might Cairns' future employment come from? From the outside looking in, he has three obvious options.

Sky Television: Does the company re-employ him after placing him on gardening leave in 2013-14?

Speaking at the New Zealand-India test at Eden Park in February 2014, Cairns raised the issue: "The impact of this on my career and the professional opportunities in front of me is very serious," he said in a prepared statement.

He pointed out he could not sign any further contracts until he was cleared. "This is severely impacting my ability to provide for my family.

"My livelihood is directly linked to my reputation. While this dark cloud hangs over me, my ability to work and provide for my family is almost non-existent."

Triumph and Disaster: Cairns' loyal friend Dion Nash might offer employment at his skincare products company. Nash stuck by his former teammate throughout the trial and could help him rebuild his career by providing regular employment.

Diamond trading: Cairns trained in the industry when he lived in Dubai, completing a gemology course in Thailand.

"It's an industry standard-type thing and I've basically gone back to school," he told the Herald on Sunday in 2010. "It's something I thoroughly enjoy and Dubai's a good base because Africa's seven hours away and India's only three. "