Amateur rugby player Tom McLean has become an internet sensation following a hilarious tryline error.

During a mudbath clash in the National League 3 South West between Brixham and Barnstaple, McLean thought he had scored a potentially match winning try.

He began celebrating his breakaway five-pointer only to realise he'd mistaken the five metre line for the tryline.

"Tom thought he had scored, I thought he had scored and our supporters in the crowd thought he had scored too," club captain Adam Thomas told the Torquay Herald Express.


"We all started celebrating with Tom when he got up with the ball - then one of the Barnstaple lads went clattering into him.

"We stopped celebrating then and I thought it was going to turn nasty.

"Then, when we saw where the referee was and that play was carrying on, we worked out what happened and got on with the game.

"Tom had the mick ripped out of him on the bus back by his teammates. It didn't help that had he run or slid a couple more metres it really would have been a try.

"Barnstaple were 6-0 up at the time and that would have made it 6-5 with a kickable conversion to come, although in those conditions who knows if it would have gone over.

"No one blamed Tom for costing us the game though. He has won loads of games for us in the past with his tries - and I am sure he will win plenty more in future."

Brixham ended up losing the match 6-0.