Warriors halfback Shaun Johnson seemed to make quite an impression on Caroline Wozniacki yesterday, after bluffing his way into her press conference as a television journalist.

Johnson was a surprise presence as Wozniacki faced the media, after her impressive 6-0 6-2 second round win over Christina McHale.

Press conferences can sometimes be serious affairs but the presence of Johnson added some levity to the occasion.

The Warriors halfback appeared just before the conference started, and promptly placed himself in one of the closest seats, just metres from Wozniacki and the microphones.


"First row?" inquired Wozniacki.

"Of course, of course," said Johnson. "I've got some serious questions."

"Well, expect some serious answers" was the quick fire response from the former World No 1.

After she answered some questions about her match, her form and her hopes for the year, Johnson seized his chance - with the swiftness that has characterised his league career.

"Are you guys done? Sorry Caroline got some questions. Shaun Johnson, Vodafone Warriors TV..."

Caroline Wozniacki in action against Christina McHale at the ASB Classic. Photo / Michael Craig
Caroline Wozniacki in action against Christina McHale at the ASB Classic. Photo / Michael Craig

He began with a gentle inquiry - athlete to athlete - about her choice of pre-match meal, which she explained was "just about anything, chicken, pasta, fish.

After that half volley, Johnson went for the ace.

"One more I have to ask - on behalf of all male Kiwis in this country and I hope your Dad doesn't come after me after this one," said Johnson. "Can you follow me on Instagram?"

Wozniacki said yes, but then playfully accused Johnson of being more interested in another ASB Classic drawcard, Serbian star Ana Ivanovic, whom he met at the player's party.

"Are you following me?" asked Wozniacki.

"Are you serious?, said Johnson, incredulously.

"Well, as far as I know you came to the player's party to see Ana Ivanovic - that's a fact."

Johnson strenuously denied that - and after some more verbal rallies - the press conference was called to a close.

The exchange showed the fun side of Wozniacki and perhaps demonstrated why Auckland has such appeal for the top players. Since she has been here the Danish player has played a exhibition match on the main street in Broadway and taken part in a television commercial for ASB with the All Blacks.

Wozniacki is a professional tennis player and is here to do a job but is also relaxed, happy and having fun.