Richie McCaw wrote in his biography that he would sooner eat his own entrails than tweet, but it looks like teammate Dan Carter has convinced the departing All Blacks captain to join social media.

World player of the year Carter posted on Facebook: "Guess what I've talked skip into doing? All I can say is 'about time mate'." It was accompanied with an image of McCaw looking at his phone.

Guess what I've talked skip into doing? All I can say is "about time mate".

Posted by Dan Carter on Monday, November 2, 2015

Carter doesn't elaborate however on his post.

Has McCaw joined Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or did he finally download Candy Crush?


However, with speculation rife over McCaw's post-World Cup plans and All Blacks fans not wanting to accept that he may actually retire, any news about his activities takes - no matter how slight- takes on new meaning.

After the final, Mccaw was asked if he was retiring. He remained coy on the subject though.

"I still don't want it to end, to be honest. I'm still part of this team. I'm going to enjoy today. How could you get enough of this? I'll worry about that after today. I'm just going to enjoy having played the World Cup final with a wonderful bunch of men. I'm so proud of wearing this jersey again today. I don't think you can have enough of it. Why would you ever call it a day?"