New Zealand cricketing great Martin Crowe has called for Bruce Edgar to be reinstated as Black Caps selector.

A frustrated Edgar left the organisation earlier this month after claiming he received minimal support from New Zealand Cricket during his stint as selector and sighted insurmountable philosophical differences.

Edgar's unexpected departure frustrated Crowe, who was a team mate of Edgar's and clearly had huge respect for his talent-spotting work.

Crowe voiced his concerns in his latest column for ESPNcricinfo.


"New Zealand have been to hell and back in two years. They were so bad in late 2012 that everything had to be rehabbed. Everyone in the cricket community pulled their head in and pushed in the scrum. We all forgave and believed in the now. The rise to third place in the world in tests, and a breakthrough final appearance in a World Cup final, spoke of a restored soul. Last week, however, one of the best men you could ever wish to have work for you, Bruce Edgar, the national selection manager, was waved off in inexplicable circumstances. He must be reinstated," Crowe wrote in his column.

Crowe issued a warning to the game's hierarchy: "Having filled up their fruit bowl recently, New Zealand Cricket have to watch that no apples are starting to rot."