Finally we are getting some answers from Team New Zealand.

After hunkering down for a week while the storm of controversy encased the team's Auckland headquarters over the rumoured axing of skipper Dean Barker, chief executive Grant Dalton was sent to try to clear up some of this messy business around the team's restructure and treatment of Barker.

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As is typical for the Kiwi syndicate during times of intense scrutiny, no one else from the team's management is prepared to do any talking, with Dalton left to dish up the rhetoric.


To help disseminate some of the information coming from the Team NZ frontman, we've put together a helpful guide to Dalton-speak.

Dalton on the selection of Bermuda as the next venue for the America's Cup:
"This changes nothing for us."

Translation: We'll need to slash $20 million from our budget and undergo a major restructure to cut our cloth around a place that has far fewer commercial opportunities. Additionally, we'll need to pare back our operational budget. We'll now just have one foiling AC45 rather than the two we had initially planned.

"Some of our sponsors even prefer Bermuda to San Diego."

In a way some people would prefer tonsilitis to having their wisdom teeth out.
Dalton on the fallout after leaked reports Barker was set to be axed as Team NZ skipper:

"It would have been unreasonable and incorrect to speak about this publicly until the process and the restructure is completed."

Jokes. LOL.

"The leak was inaccurate, and is inaccurate - there is a senior role within this organisation that we want Dean to fill."


But all that stuff about him being ousted from the sailing team is totally true.

"Colin Meads is still an All Black."

He's not, I'm trying to confuse the debate by getting into an argument over semantics. Also, there's no question the dress is white and gold.

Prime Minister John Key has sidestepped the question of whether Team New Zealand skipper has been dumped, praising him for being a very successful sportsman, but his future role is for Team NZ to decide , not the Government.

Dalton on his relationship with Barker:

"There's no rift."

We exchange legal letters regularly.

"Dean's a valued member of this team and we very much hope he stays."

We hope he doesn't sue us.
Dalton on Team New Zealand's future:

"The team has just activated its next stage of preparations and [yesterday] 50 staff begin the role of planning and construction for the next race series."

The team have just activated the first stage of preparations. No worries, though.

"The Black Caps are an example of an organisation that went through some pain.

"But in the end you know what, you start winning and it all comes right."

Talking about the Black Caps is uber topical right now.