Kane Williamson's new bowling action has been unveiled in training ahead of New Zealand's opening test against Pakistan starting tomorrow night.

The off-spinner is banned from bowling in the current series because he hasn't been re-tested by the International Cricket Council.

However, the instinctive impression is that his action looks more orthodox and he should have few troubles passing his exam.

Williamson's front arm appeared higher, he's more side-on and looks like he's using his fingers more than his elbow to impart spin and bring the angle at the point of delivery to less than the cricketing limit of 15 degrees.


"I believe it's improving," Williamson said, but wasn't privy to say the date he'll be tested. It's expected to be shortly after the current series.

Meanwhile, at training, the New Zealanders sampled the conditions they'll endure in the opening test.

Judging by the dry surface, the pitch could resemble a piece of overcooked wholegrain toast after a couple of days. Selecting two spinners appears mandatory.

Williamson said they're onto specifics.

"We need to work out early whether it's spinning and bouncing or just low, slow turn. If it's bouncing, sometimes cross bat shots can be good off the back foot. If it's skiddy, the straighter bat shots are useful. It's important not to judge yourself too harshly on a foreign surface while you adjust."

The New Zealand training took place in a pleasant atmosphere with a temperature in the high 20s and a zephyr flitting across the Sheikh Zayed test ground.

However, golden orbs are forecast for at least the first three days. Add in a fading breeze and a desert cauldron could be manufactured where hydration and fitness will play crucial roles.

Andrew Alderson travelled to the UAE courtesy of Emirates.