As the FIFA World Cup winds down in Brazil, Herald writers are looking back on their favourite World Cup memories.

Today, Michael Burgess, Herald on Sunday sports reporter shares his top moments.

First World Cup memory
The first game I watched live on television was Italy vs Bulgaria (opening match in 1986, which was actually pretty dull). At the same tournament Brazilian fullback Josimar scored some amazing goals from crazy angles, Denmark surprised everyone early on and Scotland took the field in possibly the worst kit ever.
Later in the same tournament we were allowed to miss class, so we could watch the first half of the Argentina vs Belgium semi final. Not much happened in the first 45 minutes, then we were steered back to the classroom while Diego Maradona scored two classic goals for Argentina.

Favourite World Cup match
For pure quality, England vs Argentina, second round, 1998. This game had everything, with drama and skill of the highest level from two bitter rivals. Michael Owen's slalom run produced one of the the finest World Cup goals of all time while Argentina came up with a outstanding free kick move of their own. Owen looked unstoppable - the South Americans were defending deeper and deeper - while Ariel Ortega was magical in this game. Other matches that stand out include France vs Brazil (1986) and England vs Cameroon (1990) while for pure passion and pride the All Whites' remarkable effort against Italy in 201o was unforgettable.


Favourite World Cup player
Players like Ortega, Owen, Romario, Rivaldo and Andreas Pirlo were all great to watch at different times but no one was more mesmerising - or more talented - than Maradona , especially in 1986. His acceleration with the ball was incredible and as Gary Lineker pointed out years later, the surface at the Azteca Stadium, where El Diego scored his `goal of the century' against England, was bumpy and bobbly.

Favourite team
The Brazil team of 1982. Never seen a team play like that since.

Favourite tournament
The fiesta in the Mexican sunshine in 1986 stands out, with so many legendary names on display while the 1998 World Cup was full of great matches.

A repeat of 1986.....Argentina vs Germany, Argentina to win.