From a nasty baseball injury to an NBA star soaking an opposition fan, Daily Shorts looks at the light-hearted side of sport

Serious facial

Major League Baseball prospect Delino DeShields Jr ended up with a grotesquely swollen jaw in the weekend after taking the full brunt of a 90 mph (145kph) fastball to the face.

He still managed to walk off the field on his own feet before being taken to hospital.


Following the incident he said: "I didn't feel anything. I think the shock from getting hit in the face caused my body to not really feel anything but you bet I felt it the next day haha."

He has a broken cheekbone and is expected to be out of the game for few weeks. We suggest not taking nerve tonic to help with the recovery as it may only make it worse.

Shoutout to my brother for taking a 90mph fastball to the face like a champ. Looking good Delilah @LinoDeShields


Water play

Blake Griffin

who measures 6 foot 10. After being fouled out in the Clippers' opening playoff defeat to the Golden State Warriors, he successfully poured water over a Warriors fan with his back turned to the man. Great acting as well.

French player to sue Burger King
Marseille's Andre-Pierre Gignac is set to sue Burger King after the fast-food chain poked fun at the 'stocky' striker in a newspaper ad.

Gignac has often been the subject of crowd chants in relation to his weight struggles and Burger King joined in with a 'Whopper for Gignac' campaign. Reports in France claim Gignac will sue the fast-food giant for damages after being teased by his team-mates who put posters up throughout the team locker room.

The Borini Conspiracy
A brilliant take on how Brendan Rodgers started planning Liverpool's title run when he was a youth coach at Chelsea 10 years ago.

Save Dave
There is no doubt other Premier League managers want struggling Manchester United manager David Moyes to stay right where he is. This says it all....

Probably the best image I've seen all day!


Top Benji-related tweets

We need to get in our Benji quota for the day so here's a list of our favourite Marshall-related tweets.

Massive blow for the Waiheke Rugby Club - Benji heading back to league#benji #blues


Say what you like about David Moyes, he lasted longer than Benji.


I'm pissed off Benji quit! He didn't even give us a chance to knock him for failing.


Fair play by Zac Guildford and many other though who said at least he took a punt.

Give benji a break he gave it a go and it didn't work out. Still a class athlete