When Wanderers SC registered their initial point in the ASB Premiership at the weekend, it was the perfect time to inquire as to the point of their initials.

Wanderers SC is a novel - and in some quarters controversial - concept. An Auckland-based team comprised of prospective members of the New Zealand squad preparing for the U-20 World Cup in 2015, has been introduced to our flagship domestic soccer competition for the 2013-14 season.

But what exactly do the SC initials stand for? In a world of FCs (Football Clubs) and AFCs (Association Football Clubs) what on earth was SC all about?

That question has - until now - been the second biggest mystery in New Zealand football, trailing only how Jeremy Christie got a start in the All Whites first playoff match against Mexico.


Ever since the name of the team entry was announced, no official explanation has been forthcoming.

When even the ASB Premiership media guide - a document designed to provide background information about the teams - avoided any explanation and failed to address the issue it was almost a job for Wikileaks.

But after a well-deserved first-up 2-2 draw with Canterbury United, coach Darren Bazeley revealed it stood for "Special Club".

"That's as opposed to the usual FC," he said. "It acknowledges this team has arisen out of a special situation and was specially formed for the purpose."

The Wanderers name was chosen to demarcate it from being an official U-20 national squad, given there are a number of players in other parts of the country eligible for the national age group team.

Wanderers certainly made a pretty special start to the competition in taking a point of a Canterbury United team which has made the playoffs for four straight seasons.

That result delighted Bazeley.

"We have had very good results in pre-season friendlies, as we did before we went away to the U-17 World Cup," he said. "But it is quite different to do so in a proper competitive league game. You always think that it might be a little bit different when senior players pull on a shirt for a league game.

"We were really pleased, Canterbury are a good team. We have a long way to go, but we are showing what is possible for a lot of good young players who wouldn't otherwise get an opportunity to play and develop at this level."

Wanderers SC are away to Waitakere United at Fred Taylor Park on Sunday, 4pm.

Meanwhile the Wanderers SC name has been accepted in good grace at Porritt Stadium, the home base of Wanderers Sports Club (Hamilton), a football entity which has been incorporated under that handle since 1985.

"We were a bit worried at first that people would think this team new team was us," said Wanderers president Brendon Coker. "But we understand why they have done it and it is no biggie for us.

"We were more interested in how they raised the $65,000 for the their team entry fee."