Breakers coach Dean Vickerman has shoulder-tapped a familiar name about the possibility of replacing swingman Tom Abercrombie if he picks up an NBA deal.

Abercrombie is heading off to follow his NBA dream in a series of mini-camps, before strutting his stuff for the Phoenix Suns in the summer league.

Vickerman has spoken to former Australian basketball league MVP Kirk Penney, who is playing in Turkey.

"Kirk is back on holidays at the moment, so it certainly you have those conversation about where are you at, what are you doing next year, and if something happened would you be interested," Vickerman said.


"And they're the kind of conversations that we'll have.''

The new Breakers coach said they need to think of the 'what if' scenarios.

"What we do have is some good money and 10 points to fill up that position, so it certainly opens up the best Kiwis, the best Aussies to go ahead and fill that spot if required.''

Vickerman has spoken with Penney, one of the Breakers' most revered former players, about filling the void.

"Kirk, he will play in New Zealand at some stage but right now he had such a wonderful year in Turkey that you expect him to certainly be in a high-level European team next season.''

Abercrombie will be away until late July.

Meanwhile, Abercrombie isn't the only Breakers player to get some off-season face time with NBA teams and players.

Centre Alex Pledger has signed with the One Management agency, of which Golden State Warriors centre Andrew Bogut is a director.

The two will train together next month.

"He'll be back in Melbourne working at his own facility that he has there for the month of July," Vickerman said.

"And we want Alex to go over and spend the week with him.''