Double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah was quizzed by US customs on suspicion of being a terrorist despite the fact the Briton had his two Olympic gold medals in his suitcase.

Farah was one of the hometown heroes of the London Olympics after winning both the 5,000 metre and 10,000 metre races.

He was recently made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's New Year honours list.

The Somalian born 29-year-old was pulled aside by customs last week as he arrived in the United States to spend Christmas with his family in Portland, Oregon.


"I couldn't believe it. Because of my Somali origin I get detained every time I come through US Customs. This time I even got my medals out to show who I am, but they wouldn't have it," he told the Sun.

Farah moved to Portland, the home of Nike, last year to work with trainer Alberto Salazar.

He was re-enterting the States on a new residential visa when the issue arose. It wasn't until Salazar contacted a friend from the FBI that Farah was cleared through customs.

"This guy happens to be a massive running fan, knew exactly who I was and got it sorted then and there," Farah said.