When Argentinian goalkeeper Gaston Sessa takes a look back at his most recent performance for Boca Unidos, he is sure to be disappointed with himself.

The 39-year-old keeper conceded three goals in an away defeat that kept his team in the bottom half of the table, however his match was personally ruined in the 87th minute when he was sent off for a crazy incident.

After waiting a few seconds for a ball to be thrown from the stands, Sessa was tossed another ball by a ball boy standing just behind the touchline.

For reasons unknown, Sessa seemed to be insulted by the ballboy's actions, and like a mad man he proceeded to smack the ball right into the kid's head.


The weirdness continued as Sessa then completely ignored the assault and restarted the match with a goal kick, only for the ball boy to belatedly fall to the floor in agony. Seconds later the veteran stopper was sent off.