A former Wallabies' rugby coach says attacks on Robbie Deans are unfair.

Deans is facing a storm of criticism and calls for his replacement over his coaching of the side, which was defeated 22-0 by the All Blacks at Eden Park on Saturday in the Bledisloe Cup.

But Bob Dwyer, who coached the Wallabies to 1991 World Cup victory, said the criticism is unfair.

"I think we need to look a bit more deeply than that. To be quite honest I'm not in a position to be able to say whether the players are doing what the coach wants, whether the coach is working hard at the practices and the players are resisting it or what," he told Radio New Zealand today.


Deans needed to look at what was going wrong and what changes needed to be made, he said.

The All Blacks' dominance didn't mean the opposition were not playing well, "it just means that New Zealand are a lot better".

"It's not the first time, by the way, that New Zealand has been way ahead of the rest of the world."

However, Mr Dwyer admitted Saturday's score was upsetting.

"I was reflecting after the game how sad it was to think that we lost 22-0 but before the game I thought the scoreline could have even been worse. And then I thought how sad it is that we've got that situation."

Dean's contract runs through until the end of 2013.

Up until now he has had the confidence of the Australian Rugby Union board and chief executive John O'Neill, Mr Dwyer told RNZ.

"How long that continues depends from how on.


These have been two consecutive games against the number one team in the world. What's going to really count is what happens when we play the number three team in the world and, I don't know where Argentina is; about number five.

I think those results and those performances will be more important."