Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee and brother Jonathan, who won bronze in London, have said they will compete in the Auckland ITU World Triathlon grand final in October.

The British pair, as well as London silver medallist Javier Gomez, have indicated that they are keen to compete in the race around the city's waterfront on October 21.

Race chief executive Dave Beeche said: "To have all three stating that they will be in Auckland at this stage is fantastic.

"They and the remainder of the best in the world will put on a great show, along with our own best in the likes of Bevan Docherty, Kris Gemmell and Ryan Sissons."


Alistair has indicated he will be in Auckland to support his brother and said the course was a good one.

"It's hilly which makes it easier for a break to stay away on the bike. I want to go and support Jonny to try to win the world title, I can't win it myself because I've not done enough races, but it should be a great race."

The final field for the elites won't be confirmed until closer to race day.