Shamed Belarusian shot-putter Nadezhda Ostapchuk has gone on the attack, accusing rival Valerie Adams of using steroids in 2005.

The 31-year-old was this week stripped of the gold medal she won at the London Olympics after she tested positive for the banned anabolic agent metenolone. Adams elevated from silver to gold as a result.

However Ostapchuk has denied she is a drug cheat and has now told Belarusian media Adams has tested positive for banned substances, 3News reported.

"She was not even in the starting line up before the games because she's had a positive drug test in 2005," she said, referring to the administrative error where Adams was left off the official start list.


"I am being covered in dirt but someone else comes out all clean."

Adams' manager, Nick Cowan, told 3News the claims were "absurd".

"Let's make it absolutely clear - Drug-Free Sport New Zealand says Adams has never tested positive, never even been accused of doping, and the IAAF the Athletics Federation have tested and found her clean throughout her career."

The claims come after Ostapchuk told Belarusian media her former coach Anatoly Baduyev may be behind the positive results.

Meanwhile the Vice President of the Belarusian National Olympic Committee Sergei Teterin has confirmed there will be a investigation into the Ostapchuk case.

He told state media BelTA the investigation will be carried out by the National Anti-Doping Agency of Belarus and the Belarusian Athletic Federation, while the International Association of Athletics Federations will conduct its own investigation.

Mr Teterin reaffirmed that Ostapchuk is an Olympic champion for Belarus.