It didn't quite go according to plan for Valerie Adams, but the defending champion has progressed to the final of the Olympic women's shot put in London.

After a near catastrophe surrounding her entry into the competition and a foul on her first throw, Adams eventually eased into this morning's (NZT) showpiece.

It emerged yesterday New Zealand Olympic officials had failed to register Adams for the event - a debacle that was saved only by an emergency amendment by the International Olympic Committee.

Then, once she eventually made the throwing circle, Adams stepped outside of it on her first attempt and was awarded no throw.


But the Kiwi quickly redressed her fault with a distance of 20.40m on her second throw, well clear of the 18.90m qualification standard.

It was also more than a metre ahead of every other thrower in the competition - bar one. Adams' arch-rival Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus out-threw the Kiwi by 36 centimetres to set the stage for a 6.15am (NZT) showdown between the pair.

Ostapchuk boasts the greater distances this year but Adams possesses a proven ability to perform under pressure - something her nemesis has failed to demonstrate in the past.