Top New Zealand triathlete Kieran Doe missed the Tauranga half ironman yesterday after a nasty training accident which has put the rest of his year in question.

Doe, who is ranked in the top four of New Zealand's long course triathletes, was hit by a car in Takapuna as he was returning from a training ride on Wednesday.

He fractured a wrist, a "beat up shoulder", tendon damage in his hands and was concussed.

"It was a bit of a shake-up," says Doe, 30, "and it seems to be becoming an annual event. I've been unlucky but I'm still alive."


New Zealand drivers are generally regarded as some of the world's worst, especially when it comes to sharing the road with cyclists. Doe has been hit six times by motorists, resulting in five concussions and many other injuries.

He was riding in the cycle lane on Wednesday when a motorist cut across him to turn into a driveway. The rear left hand side of the car smashed into Doe.

"I was pretty dazed when it happened," says Doe. "At least the driver rang me yesterday which was a nice touch, he didn't have to do that."

A win in the Rotorua half ironman three weeks ago had Doe perfectly on track for the Tauranga event yesterday and his main focus - the Ironman at Wanaka in a fortnight. The southern event may be in doubt but Doe is not giving up hope.

"I'm pretty stubborn and determined and I'm sure I'll be there," says Doe, who won Ironman Canada in 2007 and is one of the strongest swimmers in the sport, as well as being extremely quick on the bike leg.

Training partner Terrenzo Bozzone echoes those sentiments: "He was pretty shaken up but he is a tough guy. It is never nice being hit but I would put my money on him making it to Wanaka."

Doe has started his comeback already, completing three hours on the cycling wind trainer yesterday, followed by a 45-minute run.