A second foreign rowing official has fallen foul of New Zealand's road rules while attending the 2010 World Rowing Championships held at Karapiro.

But Polish Olympian Ryszard Stadniuk, who drove at more than 80km/h over a temporary speed limit, has had police charges against him dismissed in Rotorua District Court.

Stadniuk, who rowed for Poland in Olympic Games in 1976 and 1980, was caught by police on October 21 driving at 111km/h through a temporary 30km/h speed reduction area where road works were being carried out near Tirau on State Highway 1. He was part of the Polish rowing contingent and had been staying in Taupo.

The Daily Post reported that Stadniuk's lawyer Harry Edward told Justices of the Peace Cameron Ewen and Barry Gaylard in court yesterday that his client hadn't seen the temporary sign.

"He is extremely apologetic," Mr Edward said.

Mr Edward said Stadniuk, 51, who had been travelling through New Zealand with his wife and daughter who didn't drive, was disadvantaged by the immediate suspension from driving ordered by police because he was travelling at more than 40km/h over the speed limit.

Moments after he drove through the area, the temporary sign had been removed by workers, which was confirmed by police.

Mr Edward asked the court to dismiss the charge of driving more than 80km/h above the temporary speed limit.

Police prosecutor Richard van Aren Donk told the court he had "no objection to the charge being dismissed".

Mr Gaylard and Mr Ewen said under the circumstances they were prepared to dismiss the charge to allow Mr Stadniuk to continue driving and ordered he pay $132.89 in court costs.

On Monday, the chief coach of the German rowing team pleaded guilty in Hamilton District Court to refusing to provide a blood sample.

Hartmut Buschbacher was stopped by police after he was seen driving 40km/h in a 100km/h zone of State Highway 1, near Karapiro, early on November 2.

He was convicted and fined $400 plus court costs of $132.89 and disqualified from driving for six months.

The rowing world championships at Lake Karapiro concluded on Sunday.