The TAB are offering odds on whether the All Whites will enjoy a unique place among the nations competing in the Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

After drawing all three of their Pool matches, the All Whites could potentially be the only team that leaves South Africa unbeaten.

This is because one of the two finallists, Spain, lost an early match. Switzerland unexpectedly trumped them 1-0 in the classy Spaniards' opening fixture.

The other finallist, the Netherlands, has not been beaten in World Cup play this time around.

So if Spain wins on Monday morning - as many experts are predicting - the All Whites will be the only country to depart the republic with an unblemished record.

For the betting option, 'Will NZ be only Unbeaten Team at WC 2010?', the TAB are offering $1.57 for 'YES' (Spain wins) and $2.35 for 'NO', a Netherlands victory (dividends for $1 wagered).

* * *

Other unusual betting options have also surfaced.

Even Germany's celebrated 'psychic octopus', Paul, gets a look in among the bookies at the New Zealand TAB.

The eight-legged creature has predicted every result correctly for Germany's matches at the Cup, by moving to flags placed by food in his tank.

His uncanny accuracy has given him a kind of celebrity status in Germany and well beyond - but can he keep his record intact in a match not involving Germany?

If you believe 'Paul the octopus' will be right again on Monday morning, the payout (for $1) is $1.75. If you think he'll pick incorrectly, the dividend is $2.