All Whites coach Ricky Herbert is earning small change compared to his counterparts in the World Cup.

Herbert is reportedly earning $50,000 for coaching the All Whites and an estimated salary of $200,000 for coaching the Wellington Phoenix.

After leading the All Whites to draw 1-1 with Italy on June 20 he has gained attention from clubs around the world. Herbert has confirmed discussions about other opportunities which could lead to a considerable pay rise.

The highest paid manager in the World Cup is 64-year-old England coach Fabio Capello who earns a $10.5 million salary. From 1962 to 1980 Capello represented Italian clubs Spal Ferrara, Roma, Juventus and AC Milan as a midfielder. He stepped into coaching in the early 90s leading Real Madrid, Juventus and AC Milan before taking the reins of England in 2008.

Fellow Italian 62-year-old Marcello Lippi earns the second largest salary as a World Cup coach at $5.3 million.

Unlike Capello, Lippi has spent his entire playing and coaching career in Italy. It was reported that after Italy drew to New Zealand Lippi blamed his team for not following his orders .

South African coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, of Brazil, has caused outrage in South Africa for earning $4 million annually. Parreira has an international coaching record dating back to 1967 and has led teams to the World Cup six times. Despite this, retired South African goalkeeper Roger De Sa said Parreira's salary was obscene.

Regarded as the most popular German coach of all time, Joachim Loew earns $3.2 million. He has coached throughout Turkey, Germany and Austria for over 10 years.

Australian coach Pim Verbeek, originally from the Netherlands, is earning a $3 million salary while Football Federation Australia search for a $6 million replacement after Verbeek announced he would be moving to Morocco after the World Cup.

Herbert's team have shone on the field, but his pay cheque is off the pace.

* England: Fabio Capello, $10,525,200

* Italy: Marcello Lippi, $5.3 million

* Germany: Joachim Loew, $3,228,062

* South Africa: Carlos Alberto Parreira, $3,916,352

* Spain: Vicente Del Bosque, $3,466,473

* Australia: Pim Verbeek, $3,072,437

* Switzerland: Ottmar Hitzfeld, $3,031,778

* Brazil: Dunga, $1,753,877.10

* USA: Bob Bradley, $842,353.80

* New Zealand: Ricki Herbert, $50,000

* Salaries in NZ dollars