Falkensteiner Hotel and Spa
Bad Waltersdorf, Austria

For the last few days I've been in two minds whether to discuss a certain topic.

It's about three players in the squad, three very important and influential players. I've decided the public have a right to know who really takes charge of the All Whites.

That's right, it's the Goalkeepers. Mark Paston, Jim Bannatyne and myself form the 'Keepers Union'.

It's a union that has been in operation since Ricki took over, growing in strength since 2005. I don't mean physically, although Mark and Jim wouldn't look out of place in the All Blacks lineout. The Union has a private table at meals, a chance to discuss all things "All White".

We're a force to be reckoned with, except the one time the strikers got to dinner early and stole our table. If the boys make the mistake of pranking one of us, then they will feel the wrath of the Union. This is great for me as Mark and Jim are the biggest blokes in the team and not often messed with. They say goalkeepers are crazy, but we're not really, unless provoked.

I also have a confession to make. Today I went for a dip in the spa, minus the trunks, like a true Austrian. Sorry mum.