Olympic rowing champion and golden twin Caroline Evers-Swindell formed a new partnership yesterday - this one for life.

Evers-Swindell, 31, wore a traditional full-length white wedding dress as she married fellow Olympic rower Carl Meyer in Taupo.

Identical twin Georgina, who married Sam Earl in January, was one of the bridesmaids.

Rowing champion Mahe Drysdale was also among the guests.

The twins won Olympic gold in the double sculls at Beijing last year but announced earlier this year that they were retiring from competitive rowing.

In an interview with a women's magazine in October last year, the twins said that while there would be a big void in their lives after quitting rowing, they had decided reaching their 30s meant it was time to think about relationships and raising families of their own.

Caroline said: "I would like to have children, if I'm lucky enough.

"You can't assume these things are definitely going to happen, but I imagine that if in 10 years' time I've had a family, I'd consider myself very fortunate."