"What shocks me the most is that this player, at the end of the game, went to sit next to an Ireland player to comfort him - when he had just screwed him. If I had been an Irishman he wouldn't have lasted three seconds."
The great Eric Cantona knows what he would have done to Thierry Henry.

"Henry? We should make a statue of him."
French left back Patrice Evra is on Thierry's side.

"When they [France] come on the telly during the World Cup I will spit."
French chef Jean-Christophe Novelli boosts sales of his cookbooks in Dublin.

"Is it abnormal for someone to have people or parties at their house? I've been working with him for 18 months now and the last six weeks is the hardest he's ever worked. I cannot be happier with what he's been doing."
Jesse Ryder's manager Aaron Klee defends his man after neighbours complained of parties lasting from Thursday to Sunday and guests doing burnouts and urinating and vomiting on properties in the street. Working hard, indeed.

"So are you feeling a little bit sheepish in New Zealand about going through?"
Guardian journalist James Richardson on the All Whites' qualification for the World Cup. Mate, we're always "feeling sheep" down here ...

"I had a funny feeling before the game. I was given a pair of green boots and I tried them on before the game, but Clive Allen said I couldn't wear them, so I changed them. They were pinkish-silver ones in the end, and I go and score five."
Not only did Jermain Defoe score five against Wigan, but he did it in pink boots.