Key Points:

American swimming phenomenon Michael Phelps won a record 10th Olympic gold medal in the Mens 200m butterfly final at Beijing this afternoon (the race in which New Zealander Moss Burmester finished 4th).

The victory made him the all time leader for most Summer Olympics gold medals won by any individual.

Phelps had been tied on nine with Paavo Nurmi (track), Mark Spitz (swimming) and Carl Lewis (track).

Then Phelps stretched his gold medal tally out to 11 with a victory as a member of the US team in the 4 x 200m relay, just an hour after the 200m butterfly final.

Phelps' perfect 11:
(1-6 at the Athens Olympics in 2004, 7-11 at Beijing 2008)

1. 400m individual medley (Athens)

2. 100m butterfly (Athens)

3. 200m butterfly (Athens)

4. 200m individual medley (Athens)

5. 4 x 200m freestyle relay (Athens)

6. 4 x 100m medley relay (Athens)

7. 400m individual medley (Beijing)

8. 4 x 100m freestyle relay (Beijing)

9. 200m freestyle (Beijing)

10. 200m butterfly (Beijing)

11. 4 x 200m freestyle relay

He will be going for numbers 12-14 at Beijing in the following events:

* 200m individual medley (tomorrow)
* 100m butterfly (Friday)
* 4 x 100m medley relay (Saturday)