Key Points:

It wasn't quite a sell-out, which was a shame, but 31,835 people were at Westpac Stadium to indulge in Beckham fever tonight and though they didn't get to see one of his curling classics, they went home happy enough having seen him score a penalty.

The football devotees got to revel in some of his wonderful passes from midfield. And the ladies go to see him with his top off at the end.

The streaker in a G-string who just about made it onto the pitch before being rugby tackled to the ground was hardly necessary for extra entertainment.

Beckham can't be said to have been playing at full pace, but he did enough to give the spectators value for money and was on for the full 90 minutes in front of a passionate crowd who were on the side of the Phoenix but cheered loudest when Beckham came near.

The after-match situation was a bit of a shambles, unlike the rest of the week which has been well organised and not too overly-controlled.

Asked why the press conference had been cancelled after the game, Beckham's publicist said it was a Phoenix decision.

The Phoenix's communication manager John Mitchell was having none of it and came back out to tell the media the real story: that the Galaxy management cancelled it yesterday, citing "logistical problems" and "issues" with the questioning after the game in Sydney.

TV One were also due to have a slot with Beckham on the pitch after the game, but that didn't appear to materialise either.

He did eventually come out to speak to a line of media crowded behind security barriers in a concrete corridor with kids outside squealing for autographs where you couldn't hear what he was saying until he was within 30cms of you. But at least he made the effort.

As, of course, did the whole galaxy set up incoming to NZ in the first place, so some last-minute squabbles shouldn't get in the way of what has been a unique three days.

Who would it take to repeat it? Tiger Woods? Michael Jordan? President Hillary Clinton?