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A little horsing around came closer to nobbling star All Blacks first five-eighth Daniel Carter than any of his international rugby opponents.

Carter has revealed that he fell from a galloping horse while learning to ride with partner Honor Dillon but escaped with little more than grass stains.

It is unclear when or where the incident occurred.

The world's premier playmaker caused a minor stir this year when it was found he had played briefly for a division two soccer club in Christchurch.

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His latest diversion had the potential to cause greater injury but Carter was happy to talk about it on the website, recalling how New Zealand hockey representative Dillon had introduced him to one of her favourite pastimes.

"She's into her equestrian, she managed to put me on a horse without telling me what to do," Carter told teammate Chris Jack in a video interview.

"I was nervous as hell and I found it really tough.

"I didn't know about pulling the reins back to slow it down. Here I was squeezing my knees into the poor horse because I was trying to stay on.

"It just took off, I was racing around the paddock, squeezing my knees which apparently makes it go faster.

"Next thing I know I was off the horse and grass stains everywhere."

There were other less concerning revelations in the interview.

Carter, who is to open a clothing shop in Christchurch soon, said he had bought shirts to the value of $700 to $800 during the current All Blacks tour of Europe.

He spoke of a promotional meeting with Carson Kressley, a host of television show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

"His sense of fashion's a bit out there for me," Carter said.

"He was a pretty enthusiastic sort of character."

He also found time for some fashion tips for Jack.

"I'd probably get away from the tight thermals," he said.

Carter revealed his nickname within the All Blacks was Boomhauer, named after the character on satirical cartoon show King of the Hill who has a tendency to mumble his words.