For the best herbal medicine, use natural and pollution-free ingredients.

The Maori ancestors were great navigators and explorers, they found the beautiful and plentiful New Zealand on the rough Pacific Ocean. Since the introduction of deer by the European settlers, New Zealand has become a large deer-raising country.

The unparalleled environmental conditions breed strong and active red deer herds, producing the highest quality deer products.

Deer has many hidden treasures, its medicinal values is believed by traditional Chinese herbology to be throughout the body. In particular, the use of deer velvet has a long history in oriental Asia. It is recognised as one of the most treasured Chinese herbal medicine for anti-aging and overall well-being.

The earliest silk scroll unearthed in the ancient tombs of the Western Han Dynasty in Hunan Province has recorded deer velvet as a health tonic. By the time of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Li Shizhen's famous "Compendium of Materia Medica" has provided more detailed analysis. In modern Chinese Pharmacopoeia and deer agencies in South Korea, Japan and New Zealand, scientific researches are conducted to further supported its benefits.

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Mr. Ho Po Kin is the third generation of traditional Chinese herbalist doctors in his family.

He founded New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods Ltd., in pursuit of the ultimate natural herbal remedy. He has spent years in research of deer products, and he has profound experience in the deer industry.

Dr. Kin as he is commonly called by those he has treated, has always held the belief that if he wants to make the best herbal medicine, the most natural and pollution-free high-quality ingredients must be used. The exceptional environment of New Zealand has cultivated world-class ginseng and deer velvet, giving him the essence of his life-long pursuit.

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Dr. Kin came to New Zealand in 1988 and he found his dream place in Rotorua. The centre of Maori culture, Rotorua with its geothermal heat and fresh spring water has fascinated Dr. Kin ever since.

Dr. Kin's choice is right. The technical processing for health products cannot be separated from high-quality water. Rightly, one of the things Dr. Kin is most proud of is that all products of New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods are processed with pure and high quality natural spring water from Rotorua, making it very unique in the market.

About the Company
New Zealand Supreme Natural Foods Ltd. is one of largest deer products processing companies in New Zealand. The company has been operating for more than 20 years and has the largest integrated processing and production plant in Rotorua.

Particularly worthy of introduction is the newly developed product named "Good HUTT", which is based on a historic family formula from Dr. Kin, consisting of a careful balance of New Zealand deer velvet and ginseng. Other top selling products are Vitlink Deer Sinew Capsules, Deer Oil Heat Rub and Skin Balm.