Saving demolition waste from landfill and matching sellers with buyers of pre-loved houses to create affordable homes.

It's called The Relocatable House Company.

But there's much more to this innovative, and forward-thinking company than just buying and selling houses and shifting them.

The clue lies in the line beneath their logo: "Relocating houses, creating new homes."
The Relocatable House Company, co-founded by Chrissey and Richard Hutchinson of the Hutchinson Group, provides a huge range of professional services for anyone looking at relocating a home.

Richard says anyone undertaking a successful project that involves relocating a house, usually follows a series of steps along the way. These include carefully checking project and budget feasibility, land and finance requirements, design and consents for the site, the house itself, and any necessary alterations.


The Relocatable House company can assist with every part of this process, says Richard.

"If you're a buyer of a relocatable home – or conducting any new site development for that matter, we can show you how to free up your property assets by subdividing your section, moving an existing home to the back of a section and building a new one on the front (or vice-versa), then selling the old one. You then have the cash to invest in other projects, or to help make the most of your retirement.

"We will look after every last detail, from logistics through to site preparation and taking care of all the sometimes-tricky council requirements involved in relocating a home."

If you're considering tearing down an existing house, The Relocatable House Company will show you how to avoid expensive demolition costs and make your unwanted house a home for someone else, thereby helping to solve New Zealand's housing shortage.

They provide options including selling your house on your behalf and giving you a guaranteed date for removal with the purchase of your house. Homes for sale feature on Trade Me and the company website and staff also coordinate property visits.

The Relocatable House Company offers a free appraisal service in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Auckland areas to check whether your home is suitable for relocation and will estimate the value of your property based on registered interest from our buyers' database.

They'll provide comprehensive advice on the sales process, including tips for getting your house clean, tidy and ready to move, and determine a method of sales best suited for you and your property.

"For anyone looking for an affordable housing option, we cater for a range of buyers," says Richard. "They include savvy investors, renovators who are looking for a house only and are prepared to take charge of the project themselves, and first-home buyers and busy professionals looking for a Relocation Package to have the project done on their behalf with minimal fuss.


"Our buyers are kept fully informed at every stage with helpful tools and guides. We consult with them on project objectives, review budgets and discuss feasibility of their project plans. And our knowledgeable in-house team provide design, consent and project management services, keeping people informed along the way."

The Relocatable Home Company operates from Taupo north, and has offices in Tauranga and Auckland. With a team of professional consultants, including licenced building practitioners, architectural designers, project managers, they are ready to support your next residential project.