Bring your building dreams to life with exceptional windows and doors.

Quality products and service

With their business philosophy based on their mantra "Exceptional Windows and Doors", what sets Tasman Aluminium apart, as well as its long experience in the market, is the high quality of the product and also its functionality, whether the doors or windows are for new residential homes or bespoke commercial architectural buildings.

"Our team have been making and installing windows and doors longer than anyone else in town. We take pride in our quality and the functionality of our product. It is the best available."

The product range is designed to suit different types of lifestyle situations. From large sliding stacker doors that allow excellent flow from inside to outside, to more traditional French doors, to more practical sliding and hinged doors.


The team also prides itself on its high level of service and attention to detail, assisting their clients in the best choice for their particular project,

"We talk one on one with our customers at every stage of the process. When you contact Tasman Aluminium you are introduced to one of our sales team. They will help you understand the best products for your needs and budget and then provide a quote to do the job. Our production team then order and make the products and our delivery team contact you when the joiner is ready and arranges a convenient time for delivery. We also have a dedicated maintenance team to follow up and sort any issues after installation, as soon as possible."

In residential homes, one of the key choices Tasman Aluminium assists customers with is the choice of entry door,

"The entry door is the introduction to the home. You can set up the feel of the house right from the start. In higher end houses large glass entry doors are very popular, with glass side lights and over lights. These give the feel of a very airy spacious welcoming entrance way. In more affordable homes customers are choosing aluminium panel doors with panels features to add some personality. For example, the vertical panelled look is popular and some customer like a touch of glass in their entry doors. The aluminium entry door often matches the garage door and contrasts with the rest of the joinery."

As for internal doors, the most popular sliding door is the stacker sliding door.

"This is where the door is split into 3 panels, with one panel fixed and two panels sliding, giving a 2/3 opening. This type of door still gives good strength to the outside structure, it can cope with high wind and lets people open the doors to any width. All of our doors can also be recessed to floor level allow a seamless flat flow from inside to outside without having to step over the door frame."

Climate friendly
With the Bay of Plenty's hot summers and damp cooler winters, Tasman Aluminium can also help achieve the right windows and doors for our varied climate.

"As our summers get hotter, good ventilation is essential. Customers achieve this by have opening windows of various sizes in the right positions around the rooms. For example have windows at either end of the room will create a good airflow. Having small windows at the top of the main windows or doors will suck out the hot air that has risen to the ceiling."


The right choice of windows is essential to conserve heat and power in the winter.

One of its popular products is the Fairview Thermal, which combined with double glazing and insulation in all the walls provides an amazing energy efficient home.

Tasman Aluminium is not just involved in new build projects but in many renovations, with new windows and doors giving a valuable makeover to an older home.

"Replacing old windows can make a huge impact on the appearance of a home. From the outside, the new windows and doors create a modern, clean look and create a great first impression. On the inside all the sills are clean and fresh, no mould or peeling paint. The opening and closing of the joinery feels free and easy. The improved warmth in the home is noticeable straight away and when ventilated properly there is a decrease in condensation on the glass. New windows will create a warmer, dryer, healthier home."

Whether your building project is big or small, you can be assured that the team at Tasman Aluminium will assist you every step of the way. With great service and exceptional quality products the team is will surpass your expectations and produce stunning results.

Contact the team at Tasman Aluminium, 98 Whakakake St, Tauriko Business Estate, Tauranga 3110,

Tel number 0800 201 020