Upgrade brings more features to Huawei phones.

Transferring hundreds of favourite photos from a Huawei phone to a Huawei Matebook - or vice versa - has just become quicker, much quicker.

A new Huawei phone upgrade, the EMUI 9.1 – now available in New Zealand as part of a worldwide release – enables Huawei users to complete a task (which can take hours) in mere seconds, with no cable nor even wireless transmission… just one simple tap to transfer photos and videos.

EMUI 9.1 was incorporated in the groundbreaking P30 and P30 Pro mobile phones released earlier this year to global acclaim – but the upgrade now means older Huawei phones can be powered by the same technology, including the Mate 20, Nova 3, P20, Mate10, P10 and Mate 9 series.

The major benefit? Speed; lots more speed. Huawei say the upgrade will result in a 20 per cent faster performance in random read speed (a device's ability to read multiple files at speed) and a 2GB improvement in storage space.


For example, the upgrade includes OneTap Share which allows users to transfer hundreds of pictures with a single tap on the phone screen, reducing a task that up until now could take hours to complete. It not only allows for the storage of up to 1000 pictures and 500 songs, it also enables the transfer of video and document files from a Huawei Matebook computer.

If you are a gamer, GPU Turbo 3.0 is another aspect of EMUI 9.1 of interest – as it improves gaming performance by reducing screen touch response delays by 36 per cent for a smoother, more uninterrupted experience. GPU Turbo 3.0 adds 19 new international games to the existing six supported games with higher frame rate and lower power consumption – including games like FIFA Mobile, Fortnite, Minecraft, Battle Bay, Vainglory and Subway Surfers.

The Huawei Vlog, meanwhile, offers new features and effects to edit videos with one click. Highlight videos are automatically edited with options to apply special speed effects and background music.

As well as speed, the upgrade also provides specialities – like the new AR Measure app (only available on the P30 Pro). If you have a simple DIY job to be done that requires detailed measurements, simply hold up your phone with AR Measure engaged – and the advanced array of sensors and the camera combine to measure length, breadth, width, height, total area and volume with accuracy. It also uses facial recognition technology to measure a person's height – handy for recording children's growth spurts, for example.

Watch how the AR Measure app works:

The upgrade should add to Huawei's recent successes in the mobile phone field - as of June 20, the groundbreaking P30 Series smartphones (with their remarkable new camera) had shipped 10 million units worldwide in a record-breaking three months for Huawei flagship devices. Huawei's official data shows that (as of May 30) smartphone shipments have continued to grow, reaching 100 million units this year.

Other new functions from the EMUI 9.1 upgrade include:

  • The Dual view video (P30 Series only) which allows split-screen videos by simultaneously using the phone's primary camera and zoom lens to show two perspectives at once on screen.
  • An Anytime Assistant, which can be called by a simple press and hold of the phone's power button without having to turn the screen on (P30 Pro only), and even comes with a fitness work-out partner.
  • An Anytime Assistant, which can be called by a simple press and hold of the phone's power button without having to turn the screen on, and even comes with a fitness work-out partner.
  • Designers at Huawei have also created a new set of wallpapers - and a new set of icons - designed to look more realistic.

The upgrade should be delivered automatically to devices starting now. For more information go to: https://consumer.huawei.com/nz/emui/