That's right, we said it, the words beauty and real estate in the same sentence. For many, the words real estate and beauty are mutually exclusive. Thoughts of stress, stories of rogue real estate agents, P contaminated houses etc, can add up to cold sweat and raised blood pressure for some.

But believe it or not, there are far more good moments than bad in real estate, in fact there really are some beautiful moments in the real estate business.

You might think it's easy for a real estate company to be feeling buoyant after a few years of amazing market conditions. In fact this has continued right into 2017. Even with recently released REINZ stats showing the number of properties sold in New Zealand fell by 20% or some 1,472 homes, our region has remained a diamond in the rough with only seven less houses sold in August compared to last year. Yet again, this reflects just how fortunate we are to live in this location, where we continue to enjoy improved business confidence, low unemployment and a strong and growing community.

But, let's put those numbers aside for a moment, as this piece isn't about healthy data and business success.


Ultimately, our business is all about people. Whether that's our team of salespeople, our community or helping people find their first or dream home. It's about helping people take their next step on the property ladder and achieving their property goals and dreams.

When it comes to achieving dreams, one of the most beautiful local real estate moments happened just recently.

As published in the BOP Times on the 15h of September, after months of looking for their first home Sam Wilkinson and Jayme Caccia-Birch were having no luck breaking into the property market - until one text message changed it all.

Mr Wilkinson and Miss Caccia-Birch had put in a pre-auction offer for a property in Gate Pa when they learned the vendors had texted EVES sales person Kelly Excelby, saying they wanted the property to be sold to the young couple. The auction was cancelled to eliminate potential investment buyers.

The vendors did this because they had a similar experience when they were in the same situation some 20 years ago. What an amazing gift they've given this young family. This story has been shared widely on social media and has been such a pleasure to watch unfold.

Surprisingly this isn't the first time this has happened, not even the first time this year. Similar stories of kindness, generosity and paying it forward happen semi regularly in our business. What's most interesting though, is the other common themes in these types of stories.

When you dig deeper this isn't just about kindness, luck or generosity. It's also people putting themselves in a position for the chance for this kind of thing to happen.
The majority of these amazing stories, arise because of the hard work and energy various people put in, so that people like Sam and Jayme can be at the right place at the right time.

This young couple worked hard, saved hard, had good advice and chose a skilled sales person that understood their needs. All of this combined with kindness, generosity and community spirit to create a truly beautiful real estate moment.

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