Hello! Here we are, edition 28 of the Stoked Podcast.

This week got wild. From AFL mayhem, to Bathurst boganism and capped off with everyone's favourite national competition (Bird of the Year obvs), this pod truly does have it all. Especially when you throw in the mix, Radio Sport Drive Show host, one of the country's biggest petrolheads, D'Arcy Waldegrave .

Warning: May contain some coarse language and adult themes, recommended to ages 18+

After a massive sporting weekend, we've spent the following days in a hungover abyss. Not necessarily the kind where you drank a bit too much grog and it hurts after (there was a bit of that), but the kind where you just got so incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of sport on offer, the rest of the week turned into a daze. Here are our highlights from the happier times. (2:21)


D'Arcy Waldegrave, the aforementioned petrolhead legend, stops in to explain why we should care about the great race; Bathurst 1000! (12:40)

Bird of the year voting is open, giddy up - get your vote in here (up the Gannet/Tākapu)!!! (24:08)

Sustainability shout outs: On ya Countdown! The bag is banned, the straws are out of here, we shame those still dabbling in the plastic world (Louis' gal). (27:50)